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Ethics and Sustainability

Not only do we want our intimates to feel good on you, we want them to feel good for our earth too. 

From the pens we write with, to our stickers, post labels, post bags and wrapping - we do everything with the environment in mind. Not only are we advocates for sustainability within our products, we also believe that the people who work with and for us deserve to have the best quality working environments and are paid fairly. 

Mane intimates designs all products on the Gold Coast, Australia. Then all of our pieces are sampled and manufactured in our ethical fashion studio in Bali, Indonesia and Dalian, China. We are excited to make a trip over and meet our team in Bali as soon as possible.

The people we work with and why we work with them

Our teams in both Bali and China strive to support women in the sustainable fashion industry through ethical practices implemented in product development to minimise waste, and reduce carbon emissions.

This is done by:

- Not over ordering materials for production

- Using creative patterning methods to reduce off cuts

- Only using non toxic or plant dyes in fabrics

- Working with locally sourced materials and manufacturers

- Having a recycling program in place to discard of waste appropriately

- Offsetting carbon emissions years to become carbon neutral

Having an ethical working environment is just as important to us as doing our best for the planet. That's why our manufacturing team has a code of conduct in place to ensure the best for each employee. Everyone is paid fair wages higher than the standard rates. All employees come from different religious backgrounds and cultures, we love a diverse workplace. The team works 9-5 Monday to Friday and are always paid overtime and for holidays. Paid lunch breaks and an extra one hour break per day are provided to all employees to ensure no one burns themselves out. There is no forced labour or child labour in the studio. It is of utmost importance that all of the employees look after their physical and mental health, that is why each employee has access to health insurance. 

If you have any questions regarding ethics and sustainability within Mane Intimates please contact us here


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